O is for Octopus

"Moon-age Dreaming" copyright Debra Myers Woodward
“Moon-age Dreaming”
copyright Debra Myers Woodward

I recently had a dream about going on a train or subway with my son. We had an octopus that we had to put in a plastic box.  It filled the box as we put the lid on.

I have a book on Native American animal imagery and meanings they have for different animals.  Unfortunately, octopus wasn’t included, so I did what any modern-day inquisitor does, I googled it.

It isn’t so hard to discover what associations octopi are likely to yield: creativity, ingenuity, intelligence.  Have you watched videos of their amazing escapes? I read just the other day of an octopus named Inky escaping from the National Aquarium of New Zealand. Now that  requires ingenuity! Swim free Inky!

But this got me to thinking about my dream. Have I boxed in my creativity, my ingenuity and intelligence. I could answer yes, definitely so. I am just beginning to write again, thanks to this April A-to-Z challenge. But I go long stretches without painting. And not because I don’t have ideas!

So one of my intentions this week is to make room for painting.  Are there things you haven’t made time for that you know would be good for you?  Its never too late to create a space of even 10 minutes a day to cherish your well-being by doing what you love. Maybe this small opening will lead to the freedom of the ocean like it did for Inky.

3 thoughts on “O is for Octopus

  1. I got into the A to Z to push myself to commit to posting. I could never do a 365 day thing, but this maybe. It is already a struggle some days, but we are half way through!

    As a diver, I have seen a few octopus in the wild. They are extremely intelligent creatures, deserving far more than our species grants them.

    1. I am amazed how easy this daily posting has become. I missed a few days due to family wedding and other needs, but back in my routine, I just do it.

      Where do you dive that you can see an octopus? I got my PADI certification a gazillion years ago when dating a guy who regularly went on diving trips and then we broke up and I have never been since. I think I need to plan a trip. 🙂

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