L is for Love (although it could also be Late!)!

Morning dew on tiny flowers Copyright Debra Myers Woodward
Morning dew on tiny flowers
Copyright Debra Myers Woodward

This weekend my nephew got married to the love of his life, really of all of our lives. They are a beautiful couple both inside and out!

So this got me to thinking, just what is love?  That may seem like a ridiculous question, right? We all have experience with this thing called love. And yet the word love can be used to describe how we feel about chocolate as well as our sister, or our favorite sports team  and our spouse.

So it seems useful to say that this is something that should be meditated on early and often to find what it means to us.

Perhaps one way to make a distinction in types of love is whether it is selfless or covetous. If your “love” leads you to covet the object of your affection, like chocolate or your boyfriend, maybe that’s not love but desire or possession. On the other hand, a love that is selfless or unconditional is truer to the real thing.

The Bible says that God is Love. And I see this as the truest form of Love. It is spiritual and universal. It heals and redeems. It encourages, uplifts, and comforts. And this divine Love embraces the whole world and all that is in it without condition or requirement. And that is truly a saving Grace.

Love seems to be easier to define by what it does, how it looks, and its effect than by its essence.  What does love mean to you?

4 thoughts on “L is for Love (although it could also be Late!)!

  1. Love is so many things, as you say. When I am truly at peace within myself I feel very loved. And because it really has nothing to do with anyone or anything else, it must have a divine Source. And because it truly is of God, I can share it freely with others. But your posts, SS, always give me much to ponder. So I’ll think more about love today, and what it means to me.

    1. Thanks NH…yes, there is so much to say and ponder about love. This seemed like a paltry amount to say, but I’m grateful that it encouraged further pondering…that was my intent! 🙂

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