E is for Elephants

Song of the elephantsThis is one of my favorite animals. I find something so healing and comforting about their large lumbering bodies and soft eyes. They seem to be the definition of peace and steadfastness. It saddens me greatly that they are being poached in such huge numbers and that we may live to see the last of the wild elephants.

I remember reading about elephants on a website devoted to animal communication. I learned that elephants have been found to have very low frequency communication which they “listen” to through their feet and trunks. (Read more about this at NatGeo here.) They also are known to have ancient migratory routes that they travel regardless of fences or other barriers which they may trample rather than walk around.  The explanation by Anna Breytenbach, a well-known animal communicator was that they are singing the earth into balance, along with their counterparts in the ocean, whales.

There is obvious intelligence and emotion in these animals as evidenced in their behavior noted in many articles. Here is one and another. And as the largest mammals on land, there is a compelling reason to protect their place on earth whether you believe they sing the earth into balance or not.

And me, being me, I sometimes sit and contemplate what would it sound like if I were to sing the earth into balance? What might my song be?

3 thoughts on “E is for Elephants

  1. I love elephants! My niece at one time was an elephant trainer at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. But they no longer do that event there. Back in the 80s I got to meet Carol, the Elephant, first known on the Johnny Carson “Tonight Show” as the elephant who did paintings. Wonder if you ever saw any of them, SS. Carol was trained as a baby by Joan Embery at the San Diego Zoo. Carol gave me a hug once, with her trunk around my neck. That was very cool, although a little scratchy! I think of elephants as being gentle creatures. Although there has been lots of bad publicity about zoos, San Diego now has a really huge place where the elephants live. And to me, zoos are all about education and even helping to protect species that are endangered. But maybe I’m prejudiced because I have family who are directly connected to them.

    1. Awesome, NH! I have heard of the painting elephant! And seen a video of her doing it. I was especially happy to see that Barnum and Bailey are discontinuing the use of elephants in their circus show. Good progress. I guess regarding zoos, if the elephants aren’t taken from the wild, or if they are being rehabilitated for some reason, then I have no problem with it (depending on zoo conditions of course!) I think there is a lot more awareness now then there used to be.

      1. Yes, indeed. And I’m grateful. Even the San Diego Zoo, of which I’ve been a member for many years, is continuing to make progress in that direction.

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