D is for Dragons

Lace-wing LandscapeDo you know how sometimes there are things in life that you just don’t want to deal with?  It might be a difficult relationship, or knotty problem, or even a important thing like your health?  It’s too … something… too scary? too uncertain? too hard to deal with, so you don’t.  You just keep pushing the thought of it away, because whenever it comes up, DRAGONS.  That’s what it feels like. Fire-breathing dragons.

My dragon has been the thought of getting a regular full-time job. I’ve worked part-time jobs over the years, and I have sold art, writing, and other things along the way (candles, anyone?) But the whole 9 to 5 thing really has me  flustered.

This morning I took a closer look at why that was so scary to me. And it was clear that I was holding the image of my former full-time jobs from over 20 years ago–sitting at a desk all day, waiting for the weekends, dealing with back and shoulder pain and bosses’ expectations. Or on the flip-side, working in retail or food on my feet all day.

And it hit me. Even though over 20 years has passed, I still believe that all full-time jobs (that I might be able to get) are like that. Talk about being stuck looking in the rearview mirror! Who’s driving the car?!

If we are going to move forward, we really need to look where we are going, and spend much less time looking in the rearview mirror.  It’s helpful to glance back there from time to time, but if we stay focused there, we have to stop the car or have a wreck.

I’m looking forward to seeing what’s around the bend. Can you identify areas in your life where you are focused on the dragons in your past?  Take a look more closely, maybe the fire is just all smoke and mirrors.

5 thoughts on “D is for Dragons

  1. I love the painting for this post! All the contrasting shapes and colors came together beautifully.

    As I was reading this, I kept thinking, “Are we the same person?” Except that 20 years ago, I was a toddler, but never-mind that. I share your feelings about the day job, and maybe I too am stuck in those negative thoughts when I should be moving past them.

    “Maybe the fire is just all smoke and mirrors.” Fantastic line.

    Great work!

    1. Thank you Erica! I appreciate the feedback. That painting is my latest, and it feels like I am finally hitting on something that feels right. 🙂 Glad you like it!

  2. This is very true for me. I am changing jobs a week on Monday, and the amount of times I’ve nearly called it off due to being scared of change. Actually, it’ll be an amazing opportunity to get what I want – more balance in my life.

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