C is for Capture

"Bowie's Labyrinth"So when I sat down yesterday to think about what I would write about, I wondered what word that begins with C would come up.  Immediately, “capture” came to thought.  I started to dismiss it and then couldn’t help but wonder, what would I write about capture?

Two things came to thought right away.  The first, a common use of the word capture, was that of capturing an animal.  It implied traps and cages.  Similarly, capturing a criminal might bring up the idea of jail. But the idea that really resonates with me is capturing an image, as in photographing something.

In all the first two examples of capturing, you are confining something to a certain space.  In the latter example, you are confining the image to a moment in time.  Usually we try to capture moments that are meaningful or beautiful or happy.  And often we look back on those photographs with melancholy or sadness because those moments have passed. Things are not as they once were.

And here is where I want to explore a different response.  Instead of longing for an imagined past, or hoping for a better future (or afraid of a bad future), I am trying to live in the moment I am in.  To take in the beauty, the sadness, the joy, the boredom of THIS moment. It won’t come again. It can’t really be captured and held at all.  It must be lived and let go. The more I am able to do that, the more peace I experience. Centered in Now, I am fully present to you, to me, and to this moment. And this moment is something I don’t want to miss.



4 thoughts on “C is for Capture

  1. Love it! And didn’t even think of the first two examples until you mentioned them. Really love your different response. We’re beginning to get it. Hooray! Love from NH

  2. I love this, and feel the same way! I’ll never forget a moment with a tree-friend that I wouldn’t be seeing anymore from the window of an apartment I was moving from.. I scrambled for how to keep it… A photo? A poem? … Then suddenly I simply saw it.. In a totally timeless way in its essence, and that was it! No need to capture it in any way, and I can still see it swaying gently in the breeze in my mind’s eye 😍

    1. Awww…that’s lovely. I have several tree friends…one in particular. I have taken her picture and painted her several times. She is a very special friend. 🙂

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