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I’ve been an artist almost my entire life. I painted my first oil painting, a still life of an apple and an orange, when I was 7 years old. My mother was a painter and sold many paintings and portraits on commission during my childhood. She was mostly a self-taught artist in her medium of choice-oil painting.

I received a degree in studio art from Principia College, having attended other reputable art schools along the way: University of North Texas, Massachusetts College of Art, and The Institute of American Indian Art in Santa Fe. I would say much of what I have learned has been about learning to see as much as anything else. That and practice with the tools that I use: paint, paint brushes, canvas, paper, pastels, clay, camera. It often comes down to finding a process that will get the result that I see in my mind’s eye. Quite often happy accidents are my favorite passages in paintings.

For the past half year I have been posting paintings and photos on facebook for my friends to see what I am doing. Finally, with some encouragement from family and friends (you know who you are!) I have decided to commit to a public website and blog to talk about making art and sell the art I make. I hope you come back often and enjoy what you read and see. Feel free to join the conversation.

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  1. Leanne DeVey says:


    I love your website and can’t wait to see more of your work. One question — how did you arrive at the name “River Dog Studio?” I didn’t see this addressed, but I bet there are others who are also wondering.

    Thanks for the beauty!

    P.S. I really love cows too. Sometime I’ll have to tell you the story of when our family met Daisy the cow.

    • debrawtx says:

      Thanks for visiting the site! And thanks for your kind words! I’m looking forward to hearing about Daisy. I should post a blog about River. He was our family dog for many years and a very special friend and teacher for me. I often called him “Riverdog” in something of a husky drawl. I named my studio and business to honor his presence in my life. I have another blog that I haphazardly posted to from time to time that talks about River in one post. I’m going to move it over to WordPress and link it on this website…so check back to read it. Cheers!!

  2. bob press says:

    nice to have a glmpse into your artistic mind.

    • debrawtx says:

      Thanks for stopping in and looking. I haven’t kept up with the website at all this past year. I am hoping to get back to it in the near future. But as with all things, time will tell. :) Hope school is off to a good start for you!

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